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  • Howard Bulka

My love for cauliflower knows no bounds.

As a child, It was the only vegetable I would eat. My mother cooked it in a frying pan with buttered breadcrumbs, as I still do to this day. Delicious.

I have cozied up to Cauliflower Quesadilla and Cauliflower Tikka Masala. Cream of Cauliflower Soup, which I always serve with grated gruyere cheese and crunchy croutons, makes me dizzy with delight. Back in my culinary youth, I began serving my guests Cauliflower puree as a substitute for mashed potatoes and from that day forward I rarely wrote a menu without it.

I love cauliflower with roast lamb best of all, but cauliflower plays nicely with just about all meat, fish or fowl. Howie’s Cauliflower Gratin combines cauliflower with Rustichella Rigatoni Pasta, Gruyere Cheese and a creamy bechamel to make a rich and satisfying vegetarian main course.

The crispy bread crumb topping, well thats for Mom, she would have liked it that way. In November 2021, our Cauliflower Gratin is now one of our Meals to Go. People love it! You can read the prep instructions here.


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