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For those seeking cooking instructions,

product information and clever repartee.


From Howie’s Kitchen to your own home kitchen. Provision your pantry, fridge and freezer with all the things you need to prepare a delicious dinner in minutes.


Our new Provisions menu offers fresh Handmade pasta, pasta sauces, pizza fixings and frozen meals available for purchase online or at the restaurant.


Everything is prepared with the same love and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from Howie’s.

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“Simple things done impeccably well.”


A decade ago, when Howie's opened, it was with simple goals and honest ambitions.

 We would make a great pizza for sure, a truly artisanal product. We would make everything from scratch; our sausage, our ricotta, our dressings, using only the best ingredients. We would keep it simple, wholesome, and affordable.  


We would make our guests feel welcome and cared for and strive to become part of the community.  And if we did all those things, and that’s a lot to do, we would be successful. We are crazy proud of what we have accomplished at Howie’s. It’s been ten years well spent! 

Howie Bulka